“Cyclers see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens.” ~ Dr. K. K. Doty, a 19th century New Yorker and bicycling evangelist

Riding an eBike is a great way to connect with our beautiful planet. Here are 4 reasons to feel good about choosing an eBike on Earth Day and beyond. 

  1. Less time in the car. Anytime you choose riding a bike over driving a car, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. And you may find yourself choosing your eBike more frequently than you might a regular bike, because pedal assistance lets you choose your exertion level. Many people find commuting on an eBike a feasible option.
  2. Less noise pollution. Vehicles are one of the top three sources of noise pollution on this planet. Noise pollution causes problems for humans, ranging from hearing loss to increased levels of stress. And it impacts the health and wellbeing of wildlife, interfering with the natural cycles of many species.
  3. Taking up less space. If we all shifted to eBikes over driving cars, we’d reduce the need to build new roadways and parking lots. These spaces don’t just impact the scenery, they also cause water run-off which contributes to land and water pollution.
  4. Less production. The mining of the raw materials needed for mass production of cars results in pollution of land, water, and air. The production of a bike uses ~1% of the raw materials required to build a car.

Choosing to ride an eBike over driving a car is a win for the environment. Learn why people are  making a switch to eBikes and how an eBike can help you ride further, with confidence.

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