Are you ready for the riding season this year?

Part of being able to safely ride trails (paved or dirt) is that they need to be clear of debris and other foreign objects that can puncture tires. Flats can put a damper on anyone’s ride as it can take up ample amounts of riding time or cut your ride short altogether. GoodTurn Cycles understands this all full and well with our own employees suffering from flats on their free rides and commutes to and from work. Our goal is to help reduce flats with our flat protections services ranging from tire inserts and slime all the way up to our Premium Tannus Insert options. We don’t stop there! Our interns also participate in a cleaning project to help clear the paths and trails around our shop including picking up trash along the Platte to working with the local parks department to help maintain trails near and around Chatfield State Park.

We carry three different options that we believe best prevent flats depending on terrain and style of riding you prefer.

The Basics

Tuffy Tire Liners are primarily for pavement enthusiasts looking for a smooth ride that’s not going to be ruined by stray glass or debris that appear while riding near roads and through different sections of city paths. They will provide protection along the outermost part of your tube from the rim protecting against foreign objects like glass shards, small goat heads, and small metal pieces (like staples or metal shavings from construction nearby).

The Self Sealing

Sealants can be our best friend when they work but can also be a mess if you get a puncture too big for the sealant to do its job. From least expensive to most expensive, the first sealant on our list is Slime. Slime is our thickest substance and a great filler for small holes that are caused while riding city and neighborhood trails. Slime will fill holes so small that are sometimes so tiny that we are shocked there is even a hole in our tube. We recommend only filling tubes with slime as it would just clump up if you put it directly into your tubeless tires. Orange Sealant and Stans are more liquefied sealants used for our more adventurous riders. Orange Sealant is used for riders who use tubeless tires and ride on gravel or single track. These sealants will not only fill in those small holes but also fuse to the rubber of the tire so that you can continue riding the same tire till the tread wears out.

Total Protection

Tannus has been the game changer we all needed! As an electric bike shop, these one-time inserts protect your entire tube. From the top of your tube all the way around the sides and into the rim there is 360 degrees of protection from any debris that would otherwise cause your ride to end early. Not only are they impenetrable to small punctures but if you were to run over something large like a nail, that would ultimately spell demise for any tube, you would still be able to ride another five miles without any significant damage to your rim to get you a little closer to help/home. Also coming in tubeless options, these are our number one recommendation for almost never having to worry about flats again (*not recommended for those looking to cut grams more over flat protection).

The Continental Deal

If you have been to our shop to get some new rubber you’ve probably been recommended Continental Tires. Continental has been a front runner for all things tires and rubber for almost 150 years (come October 8th 2021). In fact Continental is so confident in their puncture protection technology that if in the first year of riding on their tires if you get a punctured tube the replacement is covered through Continental. All you need to do is bring your bike and/or wheel into GoodTurn Cycles and we will do the rest! Your tire will need to qualify under the following options for Continentals Puncture Proof Guarantee, so stop in and let one of our staff members help pick out the right tire for you.

If you’re still not sure on what flat protection plan is best for you, give us a call to talk to our professional staff that are sure to provide you with what you need to prevent future flat tire problems!