A key component of our bicycle mechanic apprenticeship at GoodTurn Cycles is our ability to provide practice opportunities. Each apprentice in our program receives multiple chances to practice bike repair skills on various kinds of bikes.

We couldn’t provide this opportunity without our valuable partnership with an organization called Project ReCycle.

A nonprofit based in Douglas County, Colorado, Project ReCycle runs various programs that revolve around providing bicycles to young people who display academic and personal growth. Project ReCycle collects and refurbishes thousands of bicycles each year, then works with schools and organizations — both locally and internationally — to get quality bikes into the hands of students who earn them as a reward for hard work in school.

Below is a picture of a bike give away event set up. 

For the past year, Project ReCycle has provided our apprentices with between five to seven donated bikes per week. Our apprentices then perform repairs and tune up these bikes, and give them back to the folks at Project ReCycle who in turn prepare them for excited students. It’s a great win-win situation.

Here is another photo of kids who have received bikes from them. 

Recently, some of our apprentices had the opportunity to participate in a Project ReCycle bike distribution event. On May 17th, 75 students at Federal Heights Elementary School received bicycles due to their exemplary grades and attendance. Three of our apprentices — James, Elnaz, and Tyler — were on hand to ensure that seats were adjusted to the correct height and happy third graders were riding safely and in style.

If you have a bike you’d like to donate or want to get more involved as a volunteer with a great organization, we highly recommend Project ReCycle. Also, check them out on the Project ReCycle Facebook page.