One the various brands of electric bikes we are excited to feature in our shop is Vintage Electric! Vintage Electric is a California-based company that specializes in handcrafted electric bikes modeled after pre-World War II era motorcycles and 70s’ style dirt bikes. By using state of the art electric technology while maintaining these classic styles, Vintage Electric brings forth a modern, utilitarian technology while ensuring these pieces of cycle history are not forgotten. Vintage electric bikes are throttle-powered, and are designed for speed and power. Built for joyriding and commuting, they allow riders to get outside and enjoy the wind in their face, while also allowing them to integrate the bike into their every-day commute.

Vintage Electric offers three bikes: The Tracker, The Cruz, and The Scrambler. The Tracker is based on pre-WWII motordome racing bikes, and has the feel and look of a motorcycle. The Cruz is a cruiser style bike reminiscent of the American art deco movement, and has wide set handlebars designed for a comfortable ride. The Scrambler is Vintage Electric’s latest design. Modeled after dirt bikes, it has a suspension fork and knobby tires, allowing riders to seamlessly move from streets to bumpy dirt roads.

All Vintage Electric bikes have a 3,000 watt motor and are powered with lithium ion batteries that output 60 amps at 52 bolts. The batteries will last 20-35 miles and take 2 hours to recharge. The bikes carry two modes: race mode, which allows the bike to reach 36 mph, and street mode, which allows the bike to reach 20 mph, complying with the 20mph legal speed limit for electric bikes on roads. The brakes are hydraulic-disk brakes, and the bikes utilize regenerative braking, using the momentum of the bike to partially recharge the battery. The bikes have LED powered headlights allowing for dusk and night riding, and have leather seats and handlebar grips. All of the bike’s components are handcrafted and made in the U.S.

Vintage Electric mission maintains a “stand against obsolescence,” and ensures that every product they build is built to last and built to upgrade. When new upgrades are available, customers are encouraged to bring their bikes in and have the upgraded part inserted into the bike. Vintage Electric upholds an ideal of sustainable, handcrafted products that last.

Interested in buying a Vintage Electric Bike? Come on in to GoodTurn Cycle and we will take you on a test-ride on the Platte River trail!